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CarTrek global network serves 7 countries, across 10 time zones. Let’s take a closer look at it

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  • Country: Czech Republic
    Cities: Prague
    # of cars: 200


    When Anytime arrived in Prague, the market was already packed with established car-sharing companies.

    To succeed Anytime needed to have an edge over other market solutions. It was also the first project where CarTrek was launching hybrid cars, which required different hardware devices to be installed by us.


    We worked with CarTrek’s team to analyze the country’s market and to introduce the best user experience available out there.

    The CarTrek’s platform proved to be much more flexible compared to similar solutions we tried.

    Its flexibility let us thoroughly customize it to our needs and that led to impressive results. CarTrek support is available 24X7 and their speed at solving issues is comparable to a sports car

  • Country: Kazakhstan
    Cities: Almaty
    # of cars: 320


    Anytime chose Almaty, Kazakhstan as the second city of their international expansion.

     For Anytime, It was essential to start the project as soon as possible to avoid the cars not being used, which would mean significant operational losses. So our challenge under a tight deadline was two-fold.

    First, we needed to configure our platform so it addressed their specific needs and brand’s image, and second: integrate their new car model into the system.

    In October, 2018, we celebrated launching Anytime’s branded platform as well as integrating the new car model into their system. The client could roll out their services without any delay and therefore financial losses.


    We knew that CarTrek was chosen by the company's top management, but we still had to test if the platform could successfully deal with the market realities in Kazakhstan. Before fully launching our operations, we gathered our users’ registration data. This helped CarTrek’s team integrate this user base into the platform which made our start easier.

    Another challenge was to properly define the usage area of the service but the platform flexibility allowed us to set up that area within the city borders, which exactly complied with our business objectives.

  • Country: Belarus
    Cities: Minsk
    # of cars: 400


    When Anytime were planning their international expansion, they chose Belarus as the first destination-country.

    At that stage, they were still establishing their new goals and processes. To make the launch easier, Anytime acquired our local client who was already using CarTrek platform. They still wanted to test us against different solutions.

    After a short trial period, CarTrek remained the only carsharing software provider for Anytime. They started their operations in Belarus in August, 2018.


    It was a very important decision for us because we had to make sure that our new software was reliable and would give us a headstart on the new market. It had to be reliable and easy to configure.

    We compared CarTrek with other solutions but we decided to continue with the team and did not regret it ever since.

    We also needed to rebrand the existing application to connect it to the new fleet and guys not only did a great job but also faster than we anticipated

  • Country: Russia
    Cities: Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk
    # of cars: 250


    Uramobil was launched in April 2019 in Ekaterinburg and was further expanded to Chelyabinsk. CarTrek provided 2-month pilot period. During this period Cartrek’s team supported the customer in their onboarding, which allowed them to mitigate most of the operational risks.

    When after a few months of running in Ekaterinburg, Uramobil decided to expand their service to another city, they were challenged with a few things. Chelyabinsk had completely different geography and we had to create all user groups with different rates applying to each group - all from scratch. Our platform proved flexible enough to deal with those issues successfully and the client got necessary configurations.

    As a result, Uramobil’s branded app combines two cities operating ‘under one roof’ without using a separate server which would increase their costs.


    When our clients can rent a car in one city and finish the rent in another, it's a huge win-win and It dramatically increases the odds they will continue to choose us.

    Thanks to Cartrek team’s commitment, we launched our operations quickly and without any hiccups.

    It wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication. We can now successfully compete with other companies even with those with more established positions on the market.

  • Country: Russia
    Cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg
    # of cars: 800


    MatreshCar was the first car-sharing company offering premium cars to its users in Moscow. Their fleet included brands like BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda or Mini. Such cars required a special approach and hardware to work with. CarTrek’s role was to integrate the chosen onboard-device from one of the leading carsharing hardware manufacturers.

    On top of that, MatreshCar’s ambitious growth plans were not only limited to Moscow, the company was already planning its expansion onto St. Petersburg. This posed a challenge for our developers who had to make sure that the end-users can see both cities within one interface. We carried out a few major adjustments in the platform’s architecture which allowed the client to seamlessly launch their service in St. Petersburg (May 2018), only two months after they launched it in Moscow.


    Before going to St. Petersburg, we asked CarTrek to enable the support of several locations within the same app. We wanted our clients to be able to use it in both cities from the same account.

    We were happy to see that team raised up to the challenge and overdelivered on our expectations.

    We would flat out recommend CarTrek to any carsharing company and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

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