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CarTrek global network serves 8 countries across 10 time zones. Let’s take a closer look at it

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  • Country: Czech Republic
    Cities: Prague
    # of cars: 200


    When Anytime arrived in Prague, the market was already packed with established carsharing companies.

    To succeed, Anytime needed to have an edge over other market solutions. It was also the first project where CarTrek was launching hybrid cars, which required different hardware devices to be installed by us.


    We worked with CarTrek’s team to analyze the country’s market and introduce the best user experience available out there.

    The CarTrek’s platform proved to be much more flexible compared to similar solutions we tried.

    Thanks to its flexibility, we were able to thoroughly customize it to our needs and that led to impressive results. CarTrek support is available 24/7 and their speed at solving issues is comparable to a sports car

  • Country: Kazakhstan
    Cities: Almaty
    # of cars: 320


    Anytime chose Almaty, Kazakhstan as the second city of their international expansion.

    For Anytime, it was essential to start the project as soon as possible in order to avoid downtime, which would mean significant operational losses. So our challenge under a tight deadline was two-fold.

    First, we needed to configure our platform so it addressed their specific needs and brand’s image, and second: integrate their new car model into the system.

    In October 2018, we celebrated the launch of Anytime’s branded platform as well as integrating the new car model into their system. The client could roll out their services without any delay and therefore financial losses.


    We knew that CarTrek was chosen by the company's top management, but we still had to test if the platform could successfully deal with the market realities in Kazakhstan. Before fully launching our operations, we gathered our users’ registration data. This helped CarTrek’s team integrate this user base into the platform, which made our start easier.

    Another challenge was to properly define the usage area of the service. The platform flexibility allowed us to set up that area within the city borders, which exactly complied with our business objectives.

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